Tech in the 603, The Granite State Hacker

I blew it…

While working on the site, I accidentally deleted a core portion of the Jimmy Sudoku 2.5 puzzle generator web service. (Don’t ask me how… it was apparently so bone-headed that it took me a while to realize I’d done it.)

I’ve exhausted all my backup options… the backups were either too new (and therefore producing the wrong content format), or so old that the backup itself was corrupt.

The good news is 2.5 supported local game generation if the service was on the fritz. I guess that means its covered.

Anyway, if you send me proof of purchase of any rev prior to 3.0, I’ll send the fresh bits along.

Send it to me in email to jimmysoftware (at), and I’ll reply with a copy. (Your order number & date will probably suffice…)

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